C.K. Industries, Inc. is a privately held corporation that is affiliated with railcar leasing entities in France and Germany. The U.S. Leasing operations started in 1980. The company works with shippers, short line, regional and Class I railroads in North America to provide railcars to fit their specific needs. C.K. Industries, Inc. is able to structure a lease to best suit your requirements. Through new investment in equipment, C.K. Industries, Inc. continually grows and upgrades the fleet. Our goal is to understand your needs so we can provide you the best options to meet your requirements.

Our current railcar portfolio includes boxcars, RBLs, covered hoppers (small cube, jumbo and pressure differential), open top hoppers, coil cars, and gondolas. We will customize lease packages for mid and long term leases, full service or triple net basis. If you need railcars, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate how our experience and responsiveness will get the job done for you.