At C.K. Industries, Inc., we seek to deliver value and flexibility in our leasing solutions. The administration and management of a rail fleet can offer unique challenges that require experience to do effectively. We have that experience and can offer you a lease solution that will meet your company's specific needs. Our fleet consists of a wide variety of car types and C.K. Industries, Inc. has the ability to invest the capital to obtain the railcars that specifically fit your needs.

C.K. Industries, Inc. offers the following types of leases:
  • Full service lease: The Lessor (C.K. Industries, Inc.) is responsible for the maintenance of the railcars. In some cases the Lessee can be responsible for a part of the maintenance i.e. gates and hatches or whatever is applicable to the car type, lowering the monthly lease rate, with C.K. Industries, Inc. being responsible for all other maintenance.
  • Net lease: The Lessee is responsible for the maintenance, insurance and taxes on the railcar.